Our School

W.E. Erskine PS

We acknowledge that our learning is taking place on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory. We thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us and recognize their enduring presence on this land.

Our School

W. Erskine Johnston P. S. supports all students in developing confidence in their own self-worth through rich learning experiences across all domains of the curriculum. A commitment to providing diverse learning opportunities for our students, well grounded in district and school wide initiatives, is our priority. Literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills guide our program, while character development is embedded in the daily lessons and routines throughout the school. We keep the interests of all of our students at the forefront of our decision-making and maintain regular communication and cooperation among parents, staff and students.

About WEJ

Our elementary school services students in kindergarten through grade 6. Following Grade 6, most of our students attend Earl of March S. S. We are situated in the established neighbourhood of Beaverbrook in North Kanata. The Early Learning Program - full day Kindergarten is a two year program for our four and five year old children. The program is 50% English and 50% French. We also offer Middle French Immersion in Grades 4, 5 and 6.

At our school, we participate in the Litterless Lunch Program. Please send your child’s lunch in reusable containers in order to avoid creating extra waste. Any litter remaining from your child’s lunch will be sent back home in his/her lunch box. Thanks for your participation!

Our Students

W. Erskine Johnston P.S. has an enrollment of approximately 670 students, representing many countries and languages. We have students from Korea, Russia, China, Vietnam, India, Iran, Grenada, Albania, Romania, Greece, England, and the United States, to name but a handful of examples. For students meeting the requirement for second language support, we have ESL teacher support working in collaboration with classroom teachers. We have the Early Learning Program (full day kindergarten). Our family of schools includes Earl of March Secondary School, West Carleton Secondary School, as well as Roland Michener Public School, Stephen Leacock Public School, South March Public School, and Jack Donohue Public School.

Our Staff

There are approximately 50 professionals working at W. Erskine Johnston P.S; 36 teachers, a Principal, a 0.5 Vice Principal, 2.5 Educational Assistants, 1.5 English as a Second Language teacher, 8 Early Childhood Educators, 1.0 Learning Support Teacher, 1.0 Learning Resource Teacher,2 office staff and 1 Chief Custodian plus 3 support custodians.

Currently, we are following the inclusion model for special education delivery. This model allows a student with special education needs to remain in the regular classroom for most of the instructional time. The special education teachers act as the second support where they are able to help learners within the regular classroom.
An active physical education program, coupled with many clubs, house league athletic opportunities, regional cross-country, track and field and other sports teams, provide for a balanced life at school.

Our Community

WEJ is fortunate for and extremely appreciative of our community partnerships. Our open door and welcoming environment has enabled our school to be a contributing member of this community. We are proud of our school and we are proud of our friends and families that contribute to this wonderful and rich learning environment.


Our parent and community volunteers contribute regularly to activities that support and benefit our students. Our dedicated school council meets monthly and contributes a great deal of time to initiatives designed to continue making WEJ a wonderful place to learn. As invaluable partners, we thank our parents, guardians and volunteers, and look for opportunities to acknowledge them such as school announcements, school website, principal’s report to school council, and our volunteer appreciation event.

In recent years, School Council volunteers have helped to raise funds to enhance resources for our students. They have provided funds for books for our library. Outdoor equipment has been purchased to improve the health and well-being of our students. Parent volunteers, co-op students, volunteers and family members enrich our school and we value their contributions. A major focus this school year is a play structure for the Kindergarten yard.

Mission Statement

W. Erskine Johnston Public School is committed to educational standards that fulfill the mandate defined by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the OCDSB.

OCDSB Mission

Educating for success – inspiring learning and building citizenship

OCDSB Vision

The OCDSB is a dynamic, creative learning organization that fosters the achievement, well-being and dignity of every student.

Facilities and Resources

W. Erskine Johnston was built in 1967. We currently have the following resources:

  • Computer technology in every classroom
  • SMART Board technology
  • A library equipped with a mini computer laboratory
  • Parent resource library
  • A primary & junior book room
  • A gymnasium with change rooms /shower facilities
  • Large playground with a play structure
  • A soccer field (City of Kanata)

Programs and Services

W. Erskine Johnston is a Kindergarten to grade 6 dual track community school. Currently there are 26 homeroom classes which include 4 full day Kindergarten classes, 11 primary classes and 11 junior classes.


Full-Day Kindergarten Program for 4 and 5 year olds is offered. Our kindergarten classes incorporate 50% French language instruction. This means that children will experience the program equally in French and in English, providing a rich exposure to both of Canada's official languages.

English Program:

Your child will learn English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Technology, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, the Arts, and Core French.

Middle French Immersion: (MFI)

Students are provided with the opportunity to obtain a solid foundation in English language skills in the primary

grades before starting intensive study of French as a second language. Students have developed French language competency through the two-year bilingual kindergarten program and the Core French program in grades 1 to 3(200 minutes per week).

In grades 4 to 6, students receive 66% of their instruction in French. Generally, all subjects, with the exception of English Language Arts and Mathematics, are taught in French.

All students enjoy Physical Education or Daily Physical Activity several times per week in our gym or outside in our beautiful yard.
Comprehensive Literacy in Language Arts and Mathematics are the foundations of our academic program.

Extended Day Program:

EDP is offered before and after school, subject to sufficient enrolment. The programs are led by registered Early Childhood Educators who deliver the Ministry of Education’s Extended Day Program curriculum, which includes structured and non-structured activities and offers children opportunities to learn through play. EDP begins at 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. and after school from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Special Education and ESLPrograms

There are four special education support teachers designated to work with our students with special education needs. Currently, we are following the inclusion model for special education delivery. This model enables students with special education needs to remain in the regular classroom for most of the instructional time. The special education teachers act as the second support where they are able to help those learners within the regular classroom. Integrated ESL instruction is provided daily for students at various stages of language acquisition. There are also other professionals who may support our students. (Occupational/Physical Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Social Workers, Psychologists).

Clubs and Activities

  • Intramural sports and programs for Junior students
  • Cross-country, track and field, soccer, basketball, borden ball, pinball, volleyball teams at the junior level
  • Pizza/Pita days. Lunch Lady, and milk/juice service for all interested students
  • Chess Club
  • Scrabble Club
  • Spirit Days
  • Carp Fair
  • Noon hour Homework Club
  • Primary/Junior Dance
  • Finger Knitting Club
  • Gaelic Football
  • WITS Leaders
  • Various Assemblies throughout the yea

Safe Schools Initiatives

W. Erskine Johnston P.S. encourages self-discipline, positive attitudes, conflict resolution and pride in our school. Information on Behavior is printed in our school agenda. Other Safe School initiatives include:

  • Safe arrival policy of school
  • Staff personal identification tags
  • Volunteers welcomed and respected as part of school community
  • WEJ Wellness Plan; Bulling Prevention and Inclusive, Safe and Caring Programs
  • Character Education curriculum embedded in instruction
  • WITS program
  • A diverse network of in-school communications system
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